Reason #187 to move to Tasmania (are you paying attention, family?). An hour after locking the front door the children are throwing snowballs at each other on top of a mountain, and Mummy is getting a workout hauling children up slopes by the end of a ski pole.

This was Posy's first time on skis.

"I want to go faster. My skis are not fast enough. Get me faster ones."

I am not looking forward to teaching this one to drive.

Skiing is all very well of course, but the real reason you go to the snow is to make Snow Slushies:

Take one glass of snow (mind where you scoop it from). Add a glug of Ribena. Slurp. Bliss.


Anonymous said…
Jo my dear.. treated myself to a read of your blog whilst I'm supposed to be writing an essay on indigenous educational disadvantage! So lovely to see the girls, and hear your beautiful and inspiring take on it all... Please give them all our love.. there are very special places in the girls hearts for these friendships that don't go away with time or distance.. Monique xx
Jo said…
Love and kisses Mon. When are you bringing your gorgeous girls back ...friendship over time and distance is all very well, but friendship across town is so much more satisfying xx
Anonymous said…
I know this is a while ago, and you may not face snow for a bit, but can I give you my adult slushie recipe? Fresh snow and Butterscotch schnapps. Mmmm, decadent.
Jo said…
Oooh, Lucinda, LOVE butterscotch schnapps. One of my favourite scents in all the world. Have been tempted to wear it as perfume..

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