Pink Pills for Pale People

Clearly, I am destined never to clean the kitchen. Oh darn. Never mind, my garden is looking much happier for all the attention it is getting while I procrastinate over cleaning the kitchen. Today, while digging up the scarlet runner bean plants, because I want to plant more red currants instead, I found an old glass medicine bottle, inscribed with these words:

Dr Williams'
Pills for

I have never been more charmed by a gift from the gardening gods. And here I think I can put my finger on what is wrong with the modern pharmaceutical industry. Their product names are way too complex. Pink pills for pale people - this is a product description I can really get my head around. And clearly, once upon a time some quite pale people lived here...


Dulce Domum said…
Hey, all of a sudden you're an archaeologist. I'm quite pale, I wonder if the pink pills worked. I'm a sucker for a bit of alliteration.

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