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Ok, so I am going to go and wash the dishes now, but you all entertain yourselves with fun from various corners of the internet. Enjoy:)

Diary of number 13: Our very dear friend Hazel who fills the Blueday comment section with sage advice and friendly encouragement, has started her own blog. It is wonderful and useful. Today I made her 30 second mayo, and it is true to its name, and very delicious. I am so excited to see Hazel blogging as I have benefited greatly from her knowledge of herbs and wild foods and her determination to head towards a waste-free family life.

Washing your hair with rye flour shampoo: Washing my hair with rye flour instead of shampoo over the last few weeks has worked like a dream, and I am so happy to finally leave the world of shampoo behind. For those with lingering questions, here is a QandA post with all the answers.

Earth Overshoot Day: Imagine the boffins of the world get together and work out what is a sustainable rate of resource use for us to continue living on Earth. They come up with a lot of numbers that represent the maximum amount of resources we can consume in one year. Back in 1970 it took the world's population 13 months to use up that amount of resources. Yay! Well, within budget. In 2018 it took us 7 months to use up that amount of resources. Yesterday was the day we exceeded this year's budget of world resources. Now, who can see the problem here??

Urban Self-Reliance: I have enjoyed this little Kirsten Dirksen film, rewatching it several times over the last couple of years. A dedicated young couple transform their rental unit into a productive hub with a lush garden, chickens and preserving. It is cheap, functional and beautiful.

Forager: Especially useful if you live in the UK or Europe, but with some wild ideas for the rest of us who have had European weeds and plants migrate to our shores. Recipes for the wild plants we love to forage for in our backyards and roadsides. Yum.


Hazel said…
:-D Glad you like the mayonnaise!

Earth Overshoot is scary. That's 6 months we've lost in my lifetime. It just makes me want to shake people and ask if they can't see what we're doing? I won't, but it's tempting...

I've only found dark rye flour so far and as I've had to spend ages rinsing various concoctions out of my hair (and the children's- the trial of head lice!) in the past, I am waiting until I find the light version! I'm really looking forward to trying it though.
Meg said…
Ha! A giant pile of washing up awaits me too, the unavoidable debris from soup making, cake baking and a boy that just has to have a new cup every time he gets thirsty. That reading/viewing list of yours is rather distracting though ... Meg
simplelife said…
Hope you made it to the end of the washing up alive.
Thanks for the links, not that I need any more reasons to on my phone.
I'm feeling very disheartened right now with humankind in general and a couple of specific people in my inner circle. 🙄. Why does it feel like constantly swimming against the tide? I know everyone can have their own opinions etc but just occasionally it would be nice to be taken seriously and to talk to someone who sees things in a similar way. Pity party over now.
Cheers Kate.
Jo said…
Hazel, I am so excited to have made mayo for the first time ever! Thank you!

Meg, a productive life creates many dishes..

Kate, there are already more dishes. I could take that exact photo again right now! I am procrastinating.. It is good to be taken seriously and respected for your values. No guarantee of that is forthcoming from the universe, of course.. hence the internet, to find your tribe.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Jo, for providing the tribe. Kate, I also am in angst over the state of the World, and what we are doing to each other, and our environment. It has been encouraging to find like minded people through blogs, and comments. Makes me feel less alone, and more hopeful. Heres to all of us finding our tribe, and our voice. Love to all.
Jo said…
Patricia, goodness, you said that so beautifully. Those are the words I was looking for last night, thank you. This is why we need the tribe.
The never ending washing up....
Thanks for the links Jo. That mayo sounds like a winner - it's one thing I haven't actually tried making from scratch. But a 30sec version sounds too easy to not try. Look forward to checking out Hazel's blog.

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