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Green and Thrifty

Now that I have the wood fire going all day I am back to making cups of tea with the kettle on the wood stove. When the fire is nicely heated up it takes about ten minutes to boil the kettle. I don't leave it on the stove as I have a horrible history of burning kettles dry, but I love the burbling purr of the kettle when it sits on the stove, close to, but not quite boiling. This is the perfect water temperature for herbal teas. If I want an actual boil I give it ten seconds on the gas stove.

During the week my neighbour cleaned out his freezer and popped over with a chunk of freezer-burned unidentifiable meat for Benny's dinner. I put in in the slow cooker with a bunch of Russian kale from Paul's mum, some brown rice and sorghum and some rosemary from the garden and Benny has a week of delicious doggy dinners all lined up.

Last week I mentioned that I had run out of stickers for labelling jam and a lovely and helpful reader, Cripplewing, advised me to stick ordinary pape…

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