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We Built A Shed!

  This week Paul and I did the most important thing you can do before major surgery. We built a wood shed! It took three days, and then we moved large piles of timber around. This is also an important pre-surgery task.  Day 1: we dig a number of deep holes. We didn't use any concrete for the poles, because we didn't have any. Instead we dug narrow, half metre deep holes. There were lots of rocks. One rock was the size of a small piece of furniture. It took us quite some time to disinter that one. We set the poles in straight and held them upright with timbers while we piled rocks and clay back in. It is a little discouraging to fill up a hole you have spent an hour digging.. Here is me taking a little break from digging and hoping it might be cup of tea time. It isn't. Now it is cup of tea time as you can see from lack of humans in the frame.  As day turned into evening we put up the roof beams. Well, mostly Paul did.  End of Day 1, and we have roof beams and those bits tha

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