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The Magical Art of Mending - Mending Club

Magic is about effecting change, because you want to. It is change through an act of will. We all do magic all the time. The Australian people just did magic by choosing to change out the country's politicians. Good-bye old boys' club, hello to a bunch of determined female independents who want to get things done. Bravo. This week I did magic by a) voting and b) mending a thing. Mending is seen by some as a domestic chore. It is seen by me as magic. You take a thing which is not how you want it to be, you do magic, and then it is perfect for its purpose. This particular act of magic started with a hat. It had been abandoned on the side of the road, and sat in the rain for more than a week until I decided that no-one was coming for it, and I would have to rescue it. I washed it and sat and contemplated it. I liked its faded rustic charm, but I didn't like its badge advertising the Black Head Bowling Club. Mind you, I'd rather advertise the Black Head Bowling Club than an

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