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Messing About With What I Eat

  Lunchtime salad. Lots of garden greens, fried tempeh, roast cauliflower, and Puy lentils under there somewhere.. I have eaten SO MANY vegetables over the past few weeks, and tonight I couldn't bear the sight of another vegetable and ate pasta and pesto for dinner. Rosy has started eating plant-based and I said, "Oh, I'll do that with you, I need to eat more vegies.." It seemed like a good idea at the time. And truly, lots of vegies are a good idea, especially as my go-to lazy dinner this year has been cheese on toast waaay too often for my waistline.. eating plant-based has been very good for my digestion - it makes my belly happy - but my mind is rebelling. "I don't want another cucumber," it whines. I guess it doesn't help that before I started eating more plants I had already stopped eating sugar. I think my body may be in shock. So for the last seven weeks I have (mostly) quit sugar. There is none in the house, which is the only way this could

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