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Green and Thrifty: January

  The Boy rang and said "I'm coming to visit for a few days," and there he was. It was so lovely. Nothing thrifty about that, but lovely all the same. On one of the days we went to the beach. One of the amazing things about Tasmania is the beaches are fabulous and there's mostly about four people on them. It was so rejuvenating to walk on the sand and paddle in the sea and lie in the sun. The important thing about choosing a beach is to go to one that has trees growing down to the beach. My favourite kind of beach has sun plus shade. The best.  It is finally properly summer here, and so I washed all the cushion covers, which have had pets sleeping on them all winter. Later I washed the couch blankets and the cat blankies. Everything is clean again, and even the dog had a bath! (Not his favourite) I don't often go op-shopping anymore, because I don't often go shopping anymore. Life is much more peaceful and cheap that way. But last week I went and found a haul

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