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Green and Thrifty, Second Week of August

Here we are again! More green and thrifty! First, a photo of Paul's small but exquisite lettuce garden. He has a beautiful big vegie garden space, but it is still not fenced, so there is no point planting salad for the wallabies and possums, as they are just as happy to eat grass. He has small pots inside cages instead, and it is amazing how much food you can grow in a pot.  Here is the possum who would love to eat the lettuce. What a sweet pink nose he has. When the possum is dancing on the solar panels on the roof at night, Paul chases him away with a rake, but during the day when he is snuggly and cute inside a hollow log in the bush Paul goes down to chat with him and takes him an apple core. It is a complex relationship. Meanwhile, here in the city cottage there are no possums, and I have planted the first seeds of the season. Oh, the joy! This is such an exciting time of the year. I am trialling little plastic greenhouses for the seeds to sprout in. When I say plastic greenho

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