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I Did It Again..

After vowing never to order vast quantities of garden mulch or compost ever again, due to the compost barrowing episode that nearly killed me, I did it again. In my defence, it was four cubic metres of mulch that was my favourite kind of all.. free! Two years ago, when I moved into this house, I had a very nice firm of tree surgeons come in and surgically remove a number of trees, which let sunshine into the house and enabled a lovely, lovely deck to be built. Anyway, recently I met up with the tree surgeon again at a local film night, and asked him what they did with their tree chippings if the client didn't keep them. He told me they drop them off at a local garden centre to be turned into compost OR they can drop them off in interested parties' front yards for mulching projects, if said interested parties were on their regular route, and also could be ready for a mulch delivery on the spur of the moment. Turns out the tree firm's truck depot is several streets away. Do…

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