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Me to Posy: Darling, we have to go and pick up the girls from school because Rosy has a sprained ankle and can't walk, or get on the bus.
Posy, lying on the floor eating popcorn and watching cartoons: NOOOOOOooooooooo. Can't The Girl carry her?

Further evidence of Bad Parenting. Posy doing obscure Japanese craft with a box cutter, while I am in the shower.

I bought these budget tissues from our odd local supermarket recently. I think they must have bought them as a job lot off the back of a truck or something. They really were very cheap..

Anyway, I am trying to work out how one would 'strive to excel' in relation to tissues. While one was miserably suffering with a nasty sniffle? During the process of wetting one under the tap to gingerly clean out gravel rash on dirty knee of shrieking child? Using one to squash a nasty bug which is causing unbearable trauma to shrieking child who is refusing to go to sleep?

Of course, due to being an supposed 'eco-warrior', striving to excel in relation to tissues would be to not use any, and get out that stash of granny hankies instead. Alas, I really hate washing phlegm, and hence, adore tissues. Sorry, no excelling today.


Heather said…
My dad still carries a handkerchief in his pocket wherever he goes. My kids get grossed out whenever he uses one to blow his nose. 'He washes them!' I always tell them. Truthfully, it grosses me out a bit, too. Only disposable tissues for me.
Jo said…
My grannies bought handkerchiefs for all the girls - you know, the floral ones, and the ones with jolly pictures that look like they are from 1950s picture books? They do use them occasionally, especially The Girl, and Posy uses hers when she wants to stage a particularly dramatic howl - but then I have to soak them and hot wash them.. really? But.. the trees, the trees, just to blow my nose. Another modern, eco-warrior dilemma..
Unknown said…
I dont suppose you could redeem yourself by composting the tissues. Then its all just one big cycle, apart from the fossil fuels used to manufacture them. Oh Dear, we are not wining here are we....?
Anonymous said…
Think about all the energy required to create the extra hot hot water to clean the disgusting booger filled hankies...

The only time I use them is when I have a *really* bad cold. they're much nicer on the nose than paper tissues (which do start to feel like you are wiping your nose with an unreconstructed lump of wood)
Jo said…
Lynda, I do put the squashed bug tissues in the compost, but I can't bring myself to put the.. other.. ones in. Oh yes, fossil fuels as well. It does get worse, doesn't it? Miss Maudy, probably a lot less energy than boiling the kettle 53 times a day, and I'm not going to stop doing that either..
Also, despite apparently not being able to manufacture haemoglobin, I never get colds. Just ladylike sniffles which go away after a day or so. My poor children who get appalling colds, even though they have excellent iron levels, and therefore, presumably, perfect immune systems, do not like this at all. I'm not sure what moral we can draw here. Drink more tea, perhaps?
Anonymous said…
Love the sisterly love and concern!!!

I was so happy when tissues became the norm rather than hankies. When was it? Sometime in my high school years, I think. Never minded the ironing but hated the crusty, crumpled, smudged hankies in the washing basket. Yuck. Gross.

Think how you're limiting the spread of disease! Gotta be better for the environment.

Jo, I read a book I think you'd love. Mr Wigg by Inga Simpson. (Mentioned it on my blog, but you don't drop by anymore, she sniffs and sooks.)
Jo said…
Lucinda, darling, to think that anyone actually misses me on the interweb! I'll be right there!
Anyway, it's not you, it's me.. some weeks I completely abandon the internet in favour of the library card. On the upside, I can now recommend some lovely books..
Totally popping your recommendation on the library list.
Anonymous said…
And doesn't the Internet have a totally different time scheme. A bit of clicking, reading, surfing and hours are wasted.

I keep feeling a bit out of sorts that for the last couple of years I have been Webbing more than I have been reading. And it's a vicious circle of can't concentrate for long, so surf web instead of reading books, which means I weaken my ability to concentrate for long.

I need to get my reading mojo back.

And so glad you popped by! :)
Compost them tissues and you will feel fine! That's what I do. We actually use handkerchiefs, thanks to the Man, who never uses tissues, but sometimes I'm too lazy to run upstairs to get one, and I keep a box of tissues in the downstairs bathroom for guests.

Unknown said…
I think it's to do with the purposefulness of one's sneeze. With the right attitude, you can be a hero even mid-sneeze. It's all about the posture (broad chest, straight back) the volume (don't hold back, give it some welly) and tone (I think a deep baritone carries one's sense of purposefulness and general determination to excel most clearly).
i'm going to wave the flag for handkerchiefs (maybe using a brightly coloured hankie, ha). proper old-fashioned, man-sized handkerchiefs, in nice substantial cotton with grandpa stripes around the borders. besides being, i think they look more more grown up than pulling a tatty wad of tissue from your pocket. besides male hand-me-downs, i have lovely ones from japan, too, also very large in size with beautiful floral designs. i change them every day, and i think it is wonderful to have a freshly laundered, nealty folded hankie tucked in your handbag and pocket. quite asides from the aesthetics, they are one-off purchases, not like paper tissues that must be constantly purchased.
and re the washing of phlegm when one has a nasty cold? throw them in a bucket of disinfectant and detergent and soak them before washing out throughly but sepperately from your clothes. wear gloves if you;re that squeamish, but accept it's your snot, afterall.
i thought the ladies here were made of sterner stuff!! what's a hankie compared to a baby nappy???
Wendy said…
Oh I'm just loving your Blog! Can't wait to read more as I only found it five minutes ago and am now off to bed. I have a feeling you'll have me giggling!
Unknown said…
Jo, its Lynda form Living In The Land of Oz. Where are you!! Are you and your family OK?
Anonymous said…
Use one Lynda. Hope everything is OK?

Come back to the five and dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Jo!
Anonymous said…
Yeah. I actually wrote "I second Lynda" but the iPad didn't like that and changed it to gobbledygook.

Hope it is either fun and adventure or lost blogging mojo that is keeping you from your on-line fans and friends.
Linda said…
Hi Jo
How are you? It's been ages since you blogged so I am concerned about you. Hope all is well. Missing your lovely and varied posts.
Jo said…
Hello all my darlings, you are so lovely, I am so dilatory. Back in a minute..
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