Pretty Funny

Recently my four year old neighbour popped his blonde, curly head over the fence.
'Hello, Jo!' he said, radiating happiness as only four year olds can, 'I'm going to my grandma's house!'
Then he thought for a moment, and his eyes widened.
'My grandma's name is Grandma, and she is a grandma. THAT'S pretty funny!'
And he laughed immoderately and went off to hop in the car.

And so... to everyone out there whose name is Mum, and who coincidentally is a mum...

Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow...


Heather said…
Four year olds are the best!
Hattie said…
A friend's four year old recently saw a builder in a turban working on a neighbouring house and asked his mum why. "I think he's a Sikh," she said. "So if they've got 'seek' builders, have they got 'hide' builders too?" Classic.
Jo said…
Heather, I do agree, four year olds are like sunshine in a can, except for their parents..
And Hattie, that explains a lot, as all my builders have been of the 'hide' variety.

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